Q) Who is the Asset holder?
A) An Individual, who provides at least one amenities like Fridge, Washing Machine, TV etc to RentNap for rent.

Q) What is the Minimum purchase size?
A) INR 12,500. As an Asset Holder can buy at least one amenity for INR 12,500.

Q) What is the Maximum Investment/purchase size?
A) That is completely upto Asset Holder decision. Asset Holder can provide any number of amenities for rent to RentNap.

Q) What is Amenity?
A) Amenity is an individual furniture or appliance like fridge, washing machine, dining table, tv etc.

Q) What is the locking period?
A) Tenure for which RentNap rents Asset Holder’s amenities. Generally it's 3-Years. RentNap utilizes AssetHolders amenities to rent for its customers for the entire locking period.

Q) What happens if amenity gets damaged within the locking period?
A) RentNap takes responsibility to maintain, repair, replace(if amenity gets severely damaged) the amenity.

Q) Can Asset Holder provide amenities which he already owned?
A) No. Because we use similar products throughout our service to maintain standards. And we also agreed to maintain them for 3-years.

Q) What happens after the locking period?
A) RentNap buys the product from Asset Holder for 50% of actual product cost.

Q) When CashBack will be paid?
A) Once in every year(for every 12-months).

Q) What amenities does RentNap take for rent from Asset Holders?
A) RentNap updates Asset Holders about required Amenities.

Q) Where does Asset Holders get/buy amenities?
A) Asset Holders can book amenities from RentNap portal (shop.rentnap.com)

Q) What are the benefits for Asset Holder for purchasing products from Rentnap?
A) There are two benefits:
Free Product Service for 3-Years: RentNap repairs/service Asset Holder product in case of any repair or damage. RentNap bears the service and repair cost. Asset Holder doesn’t need to pay any charges for Repair/Service of Products/Assets
100% Product cost refund: RentNap assures to pay back complete product cost to Asset Holder in total, in case of service termination.

Q) What if RentNap doesn't pay rents?
RentNap assures Refund 100% of product cost to Asset Holder in case RentNap is unable to pay Rents and CashBack as mentioned above. Refund will be paid as below:
1) If the total payout paid till date (Refund Initialize Date) to Asset Holder by RentNap is less than Product Cost, RentNap pays the balance amount of product cost without giving back the product to Asset Holder.
2) If total payout paid till date(Refund Initialize Date) to Asset Holder by RentNap is more than Product Cost, RentNap returns back the product to Asset Holder without paying any amount (As Asset Holder already receives the product cost through Rents & CashBack by the time Refund Process Initialize).